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Nielsen, Wyatt & Owens/N.W.O. Receivables, LLC is one of the fastest growing Commercial Debt recovery agencies in the industry. N.W.O. is a collection agency that offers a variety of debt recovery services from every type of business to any size company; from sole proprietors, small businesses and medium-sized companies to large corporations. We have professionals working for you who understand the problems that occur in doing business on a day-to-day basis. We work in partnership with your business to improve all aspects of the credit and collection process to maximize your profits and to enhance your business image. As our client, N.W.O. realizes that the best way to achieve your goals is not only to resolve the debt issue, but to resolve it in a professional manner where it does not conflict with the relationships that you have with your customers.



N.W.O. uses people through technology to uncover your debtors and collect on your unpaid invoices. Our online database allows us to explore, track, locate and collect on your delinquent receivables. All of your receivable invoices and contracts are imaged and archived, with an instant on screen analysis which allows us to maximize the results of each account that you place with us. The information that we have available from our skiptracing venders online is “astronomical,” with local, state and national search engines. We have the ability to search for government information such as pending lawsuits, bankruptcies, liens, garnishments, or assets such as boats, automobiles, mortgages and other types of property. We have access to reports such as, press releases, cash flow analyses, financial statements, major contracts, and any type of corporate executive information and much more! To solidify our company’s place in the collection industry  Nielsen Wyatt Owen, LLC is a member of the International Association of Commercial Collectors.



N.W.O. Receivables' clients have complete control over the accounts receivables that are placed with our agency. Our clients have online access to each individual account that is placed with us. Clients have the option of getting reviews on their account receivables activity on an individual basis, daily, weekly, monthly, etc., with their own personal client representative to assist them. As a client of N.W.O., your company will have the option on an account-by-account basis with a hands on emphasis of how our investigative professionals collect on your account receivables. For example, if you would like your receivables to be handled with a sense of customer service, we offer what is called our, "Soft Touch Approach," which is not an enunciation of collections but a term we call a "receivables process." Our clients also have the option of an all out collections process, which is a term we call the, "Stern Touch Approach." These are services that are reserved for all N.W.O. clients. We represent our clients on a contingency basis, which means there is no charge to our clients if we are not putting money back into their business. N.W.O. also offers to our clients the option of reporting all-delinquent accounts to the credit bureaus for no additional cost. Whether you are a corporation with many delinquent accounts or a sole proprietor with one invoice, we are suited to handle all of your commercial collection needs.




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Nielsen, Wyatt & Owens/ N.W.O. Receivables, LLC is a fully-licensed and bonded Commercial Collections Agency, with the mission of revolutionizing the image of the commercial collections industry. We are a corporation at the threshold of superlative concepts in the commercial collections industry, with innovative ideas for investigating your account receivables with the flexibility though people, experience and cutting-edge technology to turn your bad debt receivables into profit for your business. Our account investigators are trained to handle your accounts in a professional manner using our collection techniques. Unlike most collection agencies that insist on badgering your customers to get you paid, we will handle your accounts in a swift, diligent and professional manner and as we accomplish these goals it will reflect on your business image. We understand that just getting you paid does not fulfill our obligation to you as our client.



It is our promise to maximize your profits, enhance your image and EARN YOUR TRUST! This our commitment to excellence for superior client service.